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Why Should You Become A Distributor?

You might be looking to start your own route business or you
already have a successful route business in place and are looking for add-on
products. Our Popcorn Portion Pack is the perfect match. As a Kernel Pops
Distributor you have a fun product to offer to your customers.

 As a distributor you can

– run your own business

– grow as fast as you want

– always count on the support of the Kernel Pops team

– and you have the advantage of selling a product every American  loves!

How Does The Program Work?

You buy the popcorn machines and portion pack popcorn from us.

You set up a popcorn machine in a suitable business establishment and sell a minimum of 3 cases of portion pack popcorn per month.
The popcorn typically is given away for free as a customer appreciation by the business – look under “MARKET” to see what kind of businesses to be targeted.

Why a minimum of 3 cases per month? Any less does not make it a viable customer and does not justify your investment and time. Some places will go through considerable more than the minimum.

If you are interested in starting your own profitable and fun distributorship fill out the Distributor Application and we will contact you with more information.

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